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This formula releases oxygen and ozone into the gastro
intestinal tract. This creates an aerobic environment which is
detrimental to undesirable anaerobic bacteria and candida.
Via osmosis, a gentle yet effective laxative effect is created, which is non-spasmodic and non habit forming. Use as part of an intensive gut cleanse program or on an as needed basis to maintain gut health or relief from constipation.
various oxides of magnesium, particularly magnesium oxide involve the
bonding of oxygen and ozone to magnesium. This alkaline compound
requires an extremely low pH in order to liberate its oxygen. In the use of Magnozone, one teaspoonful would generate approximately 7.5 liters of available oxygen. Why supplement with Magnozone? It assists in oxidizing the undigested putrefaction that is known to be impacting the intestines and the colon. Why do we sometimes have liquid stools? It is common for Magnozone to turn this undigested material
into Carbon dioxide and water. For this reason, Magnozone is a
cathartic. It is not unusual to have liquid stools during the use of
Magnozone, a sign that the product is working. Features of oxygen based colon cleansers: Fibre type laxatives taken to maintain regularity, extrude
the built- up material. This is violent excretion and does not compare
well to the oxygen based intestinal and colon cleansers, which
compliment the body’s natural method of digestion and elimination. How often should you use Magnozone? After the initial cleansing period, most individuals use Magnozone once or twice weekly as maintenance. Other benefits: Magnozone provides an aerobic environment in the intestines
and colon. It is beneficial to the aerobic flora which are desirable and
inhibitory toward anaerobic undesirable flora. It therefore can
possibly help with eliminating Candida. Users of Magnozone frequently
report a feeling of calmness and well-being in addition to weight loss,
decreased appetites and cravings, and an increased attention span. For those who require colon cleansing

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