Daily Flora Powder 50g


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Daily Flora Powder  is designed
to provide intestinal support on multiple levels with a patented
combination of probiotics and prebiotic fibers, provided in a non-dairy
powder base. Supplies a powerful probiotic blend of B. lactis Bi-07 and L. acidophilus
NCFM®. This NCFM strain has been the topic of over 60 published
scientific articles—including clinical trials for a number of bothersome
GI symptoms.
Daily support for GI and immune health.
Provides the valuable Probio-Saccharide® factor
(fructooligosaccharides, or FOS), an excellent food source for
beneficial microflora that helps to promote their growth in the
Facilitates the digestion of lactose. About 1/4 Teaspoon (0.75 g)

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Note: Always check with your doctor before starting any alternative treatments. Supplements and therapies may interact with your medication and cause unintended side effects. Alternative treatments shouldn’t replace traditional treatments or medications. Some people have reported feeling increased benefits when combining the two together.
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