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Finding and taking the best supplements to support your health can be overwhelming. The huge number of products on the market and the myriad variations in the quality makes it difficult for anyone trying to find the right supplement, vitamin or herb. Taking the correct supplement will allow the body to heal and support your long-term health.


In the past vitamins and minerals were used to prevent deficiency diseases, that is, when vitamin C was used to prevent scurvy and vitamin D was used to prevent rickets, for example. So, you did not have to worry unless you contracted one of these diseases. Today, the science shows differently. This concept says that having enough of a nutrient to prevent one of these deficiency diseases, but not enough to optimize cellular functions, may lead to “long-latency” deficiency diseases (diseases that take a long time to manifest themselves) like heart disease, cancer, depression, schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s. For example, if you are severely deficient in folic acid, you will have anaemia after a few months or have a baby with birth defects. This is a deficiency disease. But if you don’t have enough folic acid for optimal function over 30-40 years you will double your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This is a long-latency deficiency disease. There are dozens of examples like this for diseases caused by long term nutrient deficiency.


Most of us are deficient in one or more of these critical vitamins and by taking the correct supplements, certain illnesses can be avoided. This is due to nutrient deficiencies, the generally poor quality of our diet, our exposure to environmental factors, among other factors. A basic regimen of vitamins and minerals can provide a foundation for long-term health.


For men:


  1. A high potency, high-quality, highly bioavailable multivitamin and mineral.
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Omega 3 fatty acids
  4. Probiotics


For women:


  1. Same as above (1-4)
  2. Calcium and Magnesium


Nutritional requirements differ depending on age, lifestyle, pregnancy and specific diseases, such as, diabetes. It is always best to be assessed and given a specific regimen which is best for an individuals requirements.

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Note: Always check with your doctor before starting any alternative treatments. Supplements and therapies may interact with your medication and cause unintended side effects. Alternative treatments shouldn’t replace traditional treatments or medications. Some people have reported feeling increased benefits when combining the two together.
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